Todays theme was Western. It was a lot of fun for me to dress up as a cowgirl since its so different from what I would wear on a regular day.

cowgirl1 cowgirl


Me and Peyton (Junior) on the left. Paola, Me, Hannah, Emily (all Seniors) on the right.

The second (and last) part of the talent show was today. It was just as good as yesterday. We also played dodgeball at lunch again, but this time against the Sophmores. I think I forgot to mention that we lost the game yesterday against the Juniors, but we won today so we ended up in third place! This was the first time the Senior didn’t get last place, so I’m proud, haha!

Tomorrow (thursday) is the last day of the spirit week since we don’t have school on friday. So the theme for tomorrow is Black and orange. Black and orange are our school colors if you didn’t know that! 🙂

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