Friday was a loooong but exciting day for me! We didn’t have school today, so me and my friends got up early to help decorate for the football game. We basically just put orange and black decorations all over the bleachers and around the football field. And after a while when we got tired of decorating we were just hanging out and laying on the tracks, haha 😛

hc game 3 hc game 2



After that, we went to a beauty salon and got a pedicure. It was my first time getting one, and it tickled so bad, haha! (Kailena and my host mom Jamie in the picture to the left, Ellie and Carmella in the picture to the right)

hc game 6hc game 4

hc 7hc 8

I also had drivers ed today, and this time I wasn’t hit by anything haha! After my drive I went back to my house and got ready for the game. One of my best friends here, Dennis, is a football player and wanted me to support him a little extra at the homecoming game, so I put his number (#60) on my cheek.

hc 9hc game 10

hc game 11

hc game 17hc game 18

The game was AMAZING! Cashmere won. They also announced the homecoming king and queen at the game, and Dennis won 🙂