School, Track, Homework, repeat.

Today was just a normal day for me. I went to school and then had track practice. My ankles felt really good, it didn’t hurt too bad and I was so happy that I could run today at practice! I have gotten to the point where I ENJOY running. Isn’t that crazy? Running used to be my worst nightmare, and now I like it. I am not a distance runner or a sprinter though. I do long jump, but I have to run a lot during practice. I am currently tied the best long jumper at my school! This also means that I am on the varsity team. That’s super cool for me. I just really hope that my ankles will stay healthy throughout the rest of the season so I can improve my personal best. But I will keep you posted on that 🙂


I have lots and lots of homework for tonight… I usually don’t have any homework at all, but since I’m a senior I have quite a few things I have to finish before graduation. The last 2 months will be crazy with all the school stuff!! I am also planing on taking my drivers test (the written one) tomorrow, so I need o study for that!