Cashmere High School

I told you the other day that I took pictures of the school one day in class, and was going to upload them here! So here you go 🙂



The bulldog in front of our parking lot.




The from of the school.



The first hallway. This is what you see as soon as you walk in.





The community center is on the right is you walk straight through the first hallway. This is where we have lunch and special activities (such as school dances and such). There is a stage, so we can have performances as well!



The community center from the corner next to the stage. Across is the office.



The end of the first hallway. Library is ahead. Second hallway is to the right.



Second hallway.


OKAY, lets go outside to the tracks. This is where I spend time practicing every day.











You can see that the school is very close to the tracks. Just across the road! The mountains in the background are absolutely beautiful and I’m so lucky to get to live in such a gorgeous place.


Friday night was MORP, which is a school dance where girls ask boys. Morp is Prom backwards… Me and my two best friends Julia and Peyton asked our best guy friend Kendall to go with us. We wanted to go in a group of friends, so the four of us went together. The theme was Beauty and the Geek. Me and Kendall went as beauties and Peyton and Julia went as geeks.


The dance was probably the best so far this year! It was so much fun. Before the dance we went to Peyton’s house in Wenatchee to get ready. Then we had ice cream at McDonalds… Haha! After that we went to Kendall’s house and took pictures. We arrived at the dance at around 9, and we danced non-stop for 2 hours!








Kailena’s B-day and Tearing Up In Class

Yesterday was Kailena’s (my host sister) 17th birthday! We went to Olive Garden and had dinner. It was nice, we had fun 🙂


Today was such a fun day! I had a photography class in the morning and we took pictures of the school. I figured I could put them on here to show you what my school looks like. Unfortunately, I left my camera and my phone in my friend Peyton’s car, so that will have to wait until the weekend! 🙂


In my CWP class, we are currently talking about education and raising children.  The teacher asked how many people got spanked as a kid when they did something wrong. EVERYONE but me raised their hands… I was the only one in that room of 30 people that hadn’t been punished like that as a kid. I couldn’t believe what I saw. How awful is that?! How can it be okay (or even legal) to hurt your children? At first i was surprised… But then I got very angry! I caught myself tearing up because I was so mad and disappointed. We’re human beings!! We should know better! I am still upset. The teacher called on me and asked if he could ask me a hard question, and of course I said yes. He asked “are you planning on spanking your children?”. I couldn’t believe it. I just gave him a big NO! I almost started laughing at the question. I was thinking “did he seriously just ask me if I’m gonna hurt my kid’s? This must be a joke”. But then I realized that that’s a thing here. Parents do that! He asked me “But, how are you gonna teach them what’s right and wrong? How are you gonna punish them then?” I got really upset and said: “Well, I turned out fine, didn’t I?”. The class started laughing and said I was adorable. My teacher said “Whatever your parents did, they did a great job!”. So that was a good ending to a tragic subject though. He complimented how my parents raised me, and agreed that I DID turn out fine without spanking. I definitely DON’T think spanking, hurting, or even punishing your children is going to help. That will only make your children scared of you. And as a parent, do you want that? Do you want your kid’s to be afraid of you? Or do you want them to trust you, and feel loved? So whoever’s reading this: I can’t change how you want to  raise your children, but love will take you and your children further than pain ever will!


I respect cultural differences! I really do. I never think that Americans do things wrong just because they don’t do the same as Swedes. I accept it. But I will NEVER be okay with a human being hurting another human being. That will always be wrong to me.


Okaaay, that was long. Sorry, I just needed to write about it so I could get it out of my head… MORP (a school dance) was tonight, but once again, my camera is in Peyton’s car so I’ll upload a post on that tomorrow! It is now midnight and I have a track meet in the morning, so I should probably go to bed haha! I’m a varsity long-jumper and tomorrow is an important meet… GOOD NIGHT!

Bad Days Suck…

Today was a really bad day for me. My stomach hurt all day and I felt sick most of the time. I woke up at 6 to take the written drive test but something got in the way and my host sister told me his morning that we’re doing it tomorrow instead. So I woke up an hour earlier for no reason… haha 😛

After school I had track practice, and I felt like I was going to pass out. I hadn’t even started running yet at that point. I pushed though the workout and completed it, but oh, it was hard. I had no energy, and I could barely walk up the stairs to my room when I got home… I think I’m about to get sick. I guess it’s about time since I haven’t been sick since october last year!


I have a home track meet on Saturday, so hopefully I’ll stay healthy and will be in good shape for that! But after today’s practice it doesn’t look too bright… Oh well! Tomorrow is a new day!

School, Track, Homework, repeat.

Today was just a normal day for me. I went to school and then had track practice. My ankles felt really good, it didn’t hurt too bad and I was so happy that I could run today at practice! I have gotten to the point where I ENJOY running. Isn’t that crazy? Running used to be my worst nightmare, and now I like it. I am not a distance runner or a sprinter though. I do long jump, but I have to run a lot during practice. I am currently tied the best long jumper at my school! This also means that I am on the varsity team. That’s super cool for me. I just really hope that my ankles will stay healthy throughout the rest of the season so I can improve my personal best. But I will keep you posted on that 🙂


I have lots and lots of homework for tonight… I usually don’t have any homework at all, but since I’m a senior I have quite a few things I have to finish before graduation. The last 2 months will be crazy with all the school stuff!! I am also planing on taking my drivers test (the written one) tomorrow, so I need o study for that!

Mockigjay and snowball fight

On friday i went to the movies and saw Mockingjay. It was such a good movie! The best one in the hunger games series so far in my opinion. I wasn’t a big fan of the first 2 movies, so i didn’t expect to like this one either but Mockingjay was just amazing! I can’t wait for part two… About halfway through the movie I realized that there were no subtitles like I’m used to. Im so used to english now that I feel like english is my first language instead of swedish. The only reason I even noticed that there were no subtitles were when people around me started talking or something and i couldn’t hear the movie. When that happens in sweden I just read the subtitles so I don’t miss out on whats going on in the movie.

People at school often wants me to speak in swedish or teach them some words, and Im no longer comfortable speaking swedish. I’ve forgotten a lot of words and I’m not used to the pronunciation so sometimes when I speak I mispronounce the words, haha! And I always get really nervous when people ask me to speak swedish. Weird, huh? I guess that that’ll change and go back to normal when I move back in a few months though!


It was snowing yesterday (friday) and I had my first small snowball fight, haha! The weather here has been really strange, 2 weeks ago I wore skirts and dresses and now theres 3 inches of snow on the ground and we have to wear winter coats and mittens! I love snow, so I’m definitely not complaining! haha. All the snow makes me feel like home.

Update and lead in school musical


I’m really sorry, haha! I honestly don’t know why I haven’t updated my blog in like a month. I don’t spend a lot of time on my computer over here, so I guess I just forgot about my blog.


Not a lot has happened since my last post. We preformed the fall play, and then I auditioned for the Musical. I ended up getting a lead part in this years musical and I’m super happy! Our musical has 4 lead singing parts (2 girls and 2 boys) and 2 lead dance parts (one girl one boy). I killed the dance audition and got the girl dance lead! About 40 students from our school attended the dance auditions so I’m so happy that I got the lead!


Other than that I haven’t done much… I go to school and do my homework like everyone else, so there’s not much to write about. OHH, my battery for my camera died and I don’t have a charger! I had pictures from the play on it that I would’ve liked to show you, but that’ll have to wait!

Spirit Week: Monday









The first day of the homecoming week. We will have a different theme everyday and today was superhero day! I didn’t want to spend money on a REAL costume, so I took a piece a paper and drew the super man logo on it and taped it to my shirt. Cheap, easy and I got soooo many compliments on it. People found it hilarious… haha!

The homecoming game (football) will be this friday, and then the homecoming dance on saturday. I am sure this week is going to be amazing! And i can’t wait until the dance. Oh, for those of you who don´t know… I was asked to homecoming a few weeks ago by a guy named Corbin!


I know that I haven’t posted too much here on my blog, and I’m really sorry about that. I know that my friends and family have been wanting to see what I’m doing here in the states… Last week was a really bad week for me… I moved. Yes, I moved to a new host family. I don’t want to talk about what actually happened and the reason that I moved, all you guys have to know is that I’m okay and moved to an amazing host family. I couldn’t be happier! This is partly the reason why I haven’t really used my blog. I didn’t feel like I had anything to write about, and I just wasn’t as happy as I could have been. But that will change now, I promise!





Yesterday I went bowling with a few friends from school. We had a blast! It was so much fun. I was there with Kailena, James, Dylan and Grant. Kailena is one of my best friends over here, she is sooo nice and we are having so much fun together! I met her in the drawing class that I’m taking, and she is also in the school play with me!

bowling 6


Kailena and I

bowling 5


James, Kailena’s boyfriend. He’s a senior who I met through Kailena. He is also in the school play.

bowling 4


Dylan. He’s a senior as well. I don’t remember how I met him… All of a sudden I just knew him, haha! We don’t have any classes together or anything.



Kailena. She´s a junior.

bowling 3


Meeee 🙂 and no, my hair is not brown, I’m still blonde. I don’t know why it looks so dark in the picture.

Oh, and I don’t have a picture of Grant, but he´s in the play with us so I know him from there!

bowling 2 bowling 1

VEGAS day 2





The second day in Vegas was pretty much like the first day. We walked around town, did some shopping etc.




We had dinner at an Italian restaurant and I had to try their meatball.


The day ended with a show. We went to se Criss Angel.  I was so excited before the show because I had seen Criss Angel on Tv when I was younger and I expected the show to be amazing. The show wasn’t good at all and I was so disappointed… He didn’t do a single trick that I was impressed by! He had a comedian with him on the stage who really saved he show. But, I didn’t go there to see a funny show, I went there to see magic.