VEGAS day 2





The second day in Vegas was pretty much like the first day. We walked around town, did some shopping etc.




We had dinner at an Italian restaurant and I had to try their meatball.


The day ended with a show. We went to se Criss Angel.  I was so excited before the show because I had seen Criss Angel on Tv when I was younger and I expected the show to be amazing. The show wasn’t good at all and I was so disappointed… He didn’t do a single trick that I was impressed by! He had a comedian with him on the stage who really saved he show. But, I didn’t go there to see a funny show, I went there to see magic.




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  1. Helena says:

    Vad roligt att ta del av dina äventyr i Vegas.! Hoppas köttbullen smakade gott, kanske inte lika gott som de du brukar göra!?och vilken fin klänning du har. Supersöt!

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