VEGAS day 2





The second day in Vegas was pretty much like the first day. We walked around town, did some shopping etc.




We had dinner at an Italian restaurant and I had to try their meatball.


The day ended with a show. We went to se Criss Angel.  I was so excited before the show because I had seen Criss Angel on Tv when I was younger and I expected the show to be amazing. The show wasn’t good at all and I was so disappointed… He didn’t do a single trick that I was impressed by! He had a comedian with him on the stage who really saved he show. But, I didn’t go there to see a funny show, I went there to see magic.




VEGAS day 1

We had to leave the house at 3 am to go to the airport in Seattle. It took 2-3 hours to get there so both Summer and I were sleeping the whole drive there. When we arrived at the airport and were about to leave the car, Summer said: “wait… Did i not bring shoes?”. She was so tired when we left our house in Wenatchee that she forgot to put shoes on…. haha. Fortunately we had a pair of shoes laying in the back of the car that she could wear.

The flight to Las Vegas was horrible. Towards the end of the flight, the whole flight crew were talking to each other, made a few calls, the pilot came out and talked to them as well (!!!), and it looked like one flight attendant was crying. I have honestly never been that scared in my life! They never told us what was wrong though…

Las Vegas was like I thought it would be! Lots of lights and people. The first day we just walked around town and did some shopping!


The hotel we were staying at.







A mall.






Me and my sister Summer


First Impressions

I´ve been in washington for 2 days now, and so far, everything seems great. Everyone are so friendly and excited to meet me, so I could not be happier!

It took over 30 hours of traveling to get here, so I was pretty exhausted when I arrived. My first flight departed from Arlanda (stockholm, sweden) and went to Chicago. The airport in Chicago was CRAZY! It was so huge and I was lost at first. I had to get on a train to get to the terminal but after that everything went well.  I was the only exchange student that was traveling to the us, so I had to do everything on my own. That was scary at first but after a while i realized that it wasn’t that bad. From Chicago I went to Seattle. I had a 5 hours layover in Seattle and since I had been awake for 24 hours at that time, I had a hard time staying awake. I did have great company though (someone I met at the airport), so the time just flew by. Then I got on a plane to Wenatchee, my town. My host family waited at the airport for me with flowers. They are all so nice! I could not have asked for a better host family! When we got to the house my host sister Summer gave me a house tour and then I went straight to bed.

The next morning we drove to down town Wenatchee and showed me around town. We also did some shopping 🙂

Today me and Summer watched tv series all morning, then when my host parents came home from work we went in to town to run a few errands.

So far, I’m very excited about everything and so happy to finally be here. But I have to admit, I feel like a total outsider but hopefully I will feel more comfortable soon!

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